Top jewelry styling tips


  • The most flattering necklace length on most women is 18 inches. An 18 inch necklace will typically drop into a “V” line that slims the face and creates a vertical line that makes you look taller and slimmer. If you are tall or have a large neck try a 20 inch necklace. Check out this blog post with more details on this here.
  • Look for versatility in necklaces that are 36 or 42 inches as they can be doubled or secured in a lariat style.
  • You can wear a lot of necklaces together if you know how to layer them. Wear 2 or 3 long necklaces together providing they are of different scale and texture. For example, wear a silver chain necklace and then compliment that with a seed pearl necklace of the same length. Wear these two pieces outside or under your collar and then put an additional necklace inside your collar, with a charm or initial. This will balance the combination of necklaces and bring the focus up, to your face. This strategy works for almost everybody!


  • The best way to wear bracelets is stacked or layered, creating a personalized selection of your favorite bangles and bracelets. The possibilities of colors, scale, textures and mixing high/low are endless! And more is almost always better! For details on how to stack and layer bracelets, click here for my how to guide!


  • The most updated way to wear brooches is to cluster them in groups of 2 or 3. Wear them up high on your shoulder on a suit jacket or wrap a crisp shirt at your waist and secure them off to the side at the waist line.
  • Before you put any brooch on a blouse, be sure and check the prong or pin of the clasp. If it seems dull, sticky or flat at the tip, take a small file and freshen the point. This will help avoid the puncture that a dull brooch pin can impart to your brand new blouse. Also, if your brooch is a bit heavy, try using a backing to help balance and secure proper positioning of the the brooch. A good back that I like are inexpensive cosmetic pads that your can purchase at your local drug store. Simply place the pad on the back of the blouse and put the brooch on, sticking the pin in to “grab” part of the cosmetic pad on the backside of the blouse.
  • A terrific way to wear a brooch is to secure it to a necklace! Check out the photo above that shows 2 rhinestone butterfly brooches secured to a 3 strand gold chain necklace! The possibilities are endless with wearing brooches like this! Get more ideas for pinning your brooches to necklaces to create awesome statement necklaces in my 5 part series called When Brooches and Necklaces Collide, here!
  • Read why I call the brooch the queen of the jewelry box here.


  • Stud:Is a very small, earring that sits on the center of your ear lobe. This style works for everyone. Choose something that will flatter your eyes and the shape of your face. Also, if you have long hair, choose a color or metal that will show up. If you have long dark brown hair, a black diamond stud will typically not show up very well. Instead, choose a white diamond, something that will offer a little pop and show up. Why spend the money if you can’t see it?
  • Button:This is another very common earring style. This style can be any where from the size of a dime to a quarter. A word of caution here: if your face is round, choose a shape that is more on the angular side or a tear drop shop as this will be more flattering.
  • Drop:This style of earring is usually 2 parts: one that sits on the ear lobe and one that drops down, creating a vertical line which is very flattering for most women. Select a length that is comfortable for your height and bone structure. A high heel and an updo can do wonders if you want to wear a slightly large scale earring. Choose colors and metals that flatter your skin, your hair and your eyes.
  • Chandelier:The chandelier style is so named as it typically mimics a chandelier lighting fixture with a graduated silhouette and multiple tiers. The swing and sway of the typical chandelier earring flatters everybody and exudes a vibe of young and hip. Select a style that suits your height and frame. Again, you can go bigger with your hair up and a high heel!
  • Duster: The Duster earring style drops so that is just touches the tops of your shoulders – hence the name Duster or Should Duster. This style is best with strapless, off the shoulder styles or boat neck tops. This style is also very dramatic so if you choose this earring style, you will most likely want to skip a necklace so that you earrings will be front and center as the focal point of your outfit. And, once again, you can go bigger and more dramatic with this style with your hair up and a high heel!


  • Statement or cocktail rings are for everyone. Find a color or metal that you like and wear it with confidence. One of the ways I like cocktails right now is to wear them on your pointer or index finger. It’s best to wear no more than one cocktail ring per hand as a general rule.
  • Pinky rings are also very hot right now. Stacking 2 together is a fun way to wear them.
  • Bands: Creating your own mix of gems and metal to make a stack for one finger is a great way to personalize your look. Choose to combine 2 to 5 stack rings in colors and metals that flatter you.

Mixing Metals

  • Please, mix your metals. It is so restrictive to live by rules of only wearing one color of metal at a time. Go ahead, mix silver with gold. It is a much more relaxed and modern approach to accessorizing your jewelry. Remember: Good stuff goes with good stuff.

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