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Fall jewelry trends 2016: Get the look and DIY

Fall Jewelry Trends 2016: Are you ready to see what you already own to get the look or DIY? Last week I wrote about the fall jewelry trends for 2016 (check it out here) and as a follow up, I'm going to show you how you can take some jewelry inspiration from the runway...
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Jewelry Trends Fall 2016: Chokers, Earrings, Brooches and More

Fall fashion is alive and well. And hitting the stores in full swing. Gorgeous colors. Sumptuous fabrics. Exquisite details. Check out your local clothing boutique or specialty store, the September and October issues of Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and your favorite...
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How to style and layer necklaces featuring pearls

Here some of my favorite necklace styling tips with a special focus on pearls in honor of Pearl Week. Enjoy! [video width="482" height="360"...
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Pearls 101 and pearl jewelry checklist

It's Pearl Week at Susan Jane Jewels. Just like Discovery Channel has Shark Week, I host Pearl Week. The focus today is what I call Pearl Jewelry 101 and pearl jewelry check list. Let's start with the basics. What are pearls and where do they come from? Pearls are...
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How To Wear A Brooch And Why The Brooch Is The Queen Of The Jewelry Box

Do you play chess? I used to play. I remember that the Queen is the most unrestricted playing piece on the chess board. She can move horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. She can also move as many number of squares as she likes. She has more freedom and...
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How To Transition Your Jewelry From Summer To Fall

Fall is here. And I am ready to wear some clothes that reflect the new season. I found lots of tips about transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall on line and I realized that you really need to transition your costume jewelry too. Some of the biggest concerns...
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Why 1980s And Early 1990s Vintage Costume Jewelry Is The Next Hot Collectible

I sell and style a lot of vintage costume jewelry. People love sparkly rhinestones, cool 1960s, a la MadMen style jewelry and the quality found in 1970s Monet and Napier bangles, necklaces and earrings. Its all gorgeous jewelry in my book. If you love and follow...
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Costume Jewelry Pearls: History & How Coco Chanel Made Them Fashionable

History of Costume Jewelry Pearls & How Coco Chanel Made Them Fashionable Today I am answering the questions: Why pearls? How did costume jewelry pearls come into fashion? Who are some famous fashion muses who we look to for pearl inspiration? What are the top...
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Get The Look: Taylor Swift’s Glamorous Jewelry As Seen In September Vanity Fair

Taylor Swift looks simply smashing in the upcoming September issue of Vanity Fair. I was immediately intrigued with the preview of these photos I found on line and am thrilled that you can all copy the jewelry looks with vintage costume jewelry from Susan Jane Jewels!...
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Get The Look: Fall Jewelry Trends As Seen In July Vogue

Did you see all the gorgeous jewelry featured in the July issue of Vogue? I loved the editorial called Belles & Whistles which featured upcoming fall trends including collar necklaces, brooches and chandelier earrings. I loved all the pieces they showed and took...
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